23.05.2023 - 08.07.2023

In May, 2023 ART4 Museum announced a personal project by contemporary multidisciplinary artist Dima Filippov “Brink”.

Exhibition featured graphics, balancing between landscape and abstraction – these are observations of the relationship between man and landscape, their inter-influence and co-existence. Instead of specific landscapes, Dima spots what remains outside the frame – the potential of their meeting.

“Brink” is one of the artist's first projects, completed exclusively within the scope of drawing practice: “Drawing always remained somewhere on the periphery of my studies and seemed like a “ticket” to my overall practice. My attitude towards it has changed. From something random, sketchy, it turned into something that can become a starting point for other forms of art emergence”.

Filippov’s works capture the same landscape on and on – the space of the “world”, which vaguely resembles fragments of his travels and images of the places he comes from (the city of Gornyak, Altai region). Their continuous repetition brings forth something inconceivable, which cannot be seen simply.

“In drawing I can return to a state when the relationship between me and the world was not yet formalized, and art was perceived as a distant activity for people with special knowledge or gift. Today I feel a special need for this return” (Dima Filippov).