In May, 2023 ART4 Museum announced a personal project by contemporary multidisciplinary artist Dima Filippov “Edge”.
The personal project of the artist, model, performer and provocateur Danila Polyakov «Sport» is dedicated to the human body and the controversy between reality and self-presentation. The project grew out of the theme of the upcoming Paris-2024 Olympic Games, which, as for Danila, embody the modern mass culture - a symbiosis of technology, ethics, the cult of the body and its beauty. In the new reality, this semantic dichotomy of competitiveness and virtual presentation of the best version of oneself seems especially strange.
In August, 2021 Liza Bobkova presented her new works at her Alma Mater, Stieglitz Museum of Applied Arts, St.Petersburg. This exhibition comprises several exposition genres at once – an appealing report of the Stieglitz Academy graduate and a workshop, an academic play; a monologue performance at a psychoanalytic couch and a social visionary lab.