Liza Bobkova
Liza Bobkova is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist, graduated from Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design with a degree in metal processing. Later she organized a library of contemporary art on the basis of the academy and was a guest lecturer for master's students of the academy. In 2022, Liza launched a contemporary art fair “Tupik” at the ART4 Museum in Moscow, thanks to which young promising artists were able to present their debut personal projects at the museum. She is also the curator of Tupik edition-2023. Working with metal installations as complex individual and political statements, with the beginning of a special military operation in Ukraine, the artist spoke out openly against the unfolding actions.

Her personal exhibitions in 2022 were held at the Museum of the History of Music (Basel, Switzerland), Spread museum (Entrevo, France) and the Museum of the St. Petersburg Avant-garde. Liza has also been a participant foreign contemporary art fairs, such as Vienna Contemporary (Vienna, Austria) and BAD+ (Bordeaux, France). According to the Austrian magazine Les Nouveaux Riches, Liza is one of the prospective young artists of 2022. Bobkova's works are stored in significant Russian and foreign collections.

“The artist creates massive metal installations (brutal, heroic and at the same time precious and delicate) and works with graphics. The characteristic motif present in these both mediums is the wave, which can be interpreted as a pulse, a sound, or a beat that shapes space-time.”

Vladimir Dudchenko
Solo exhibitions
2022 A restoration of time. The Museum of St.Petersburg Avant-Garde, St. Petersburg, Russia
2022 presence detection methods. a manual for invisible. MYTH gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2021 Gesture slightly stuck. Stieglitz Museum of Applied Arts, St.Petersburg, Russia
2021 I see a catastrophe all the time I sleep. Iragui gallery, Moscow, Russia
2020 Greedily to love dear friend, Richter, Moscow, Russia
2020 Quarantine drawings,
2019 Buffer Zone. MYTH gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018 Once We Became the Time. Pink Pong gallery, Moscow, Russia
2018 Post-love. Bobby Lee, FFTN space, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017 I am everything. Elektrozavod gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 Fur-seal mirage. Art Hub residence, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2017 When all rastamans let their cats go.2.0. Untitled, Moscow, Russia
2016 When all rastamans let their cats go. Cite Internationale des Arts. Paris, France
2016 Period of Oscillation. Start, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia
2015 Essays, computer-generated paintings, video. Printcafee, St. Petersburg, Russia

Selected group shows
2022 State of Disaster. Centre Point, Historical Museum, Basel, Switzerland
2022 Light Plumage. Serene gallery, Moscow, Russia
2021 Millennials. State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia
2021 Phantasma. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
2020 Auf der Party Ohne Ende. Aperto gallery, Berlin, Germany
2019 I’m here. Do you hear? Performance with composer Y. Kravchenko, 2 STAGE project by Vera Martynov, Bolshoy Drama Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia
2019 Sounds of a beautiful past. The Vietnam National Museum of History, Hanoi, Vietnam
2019 Look above, the sky is falling. MYTH gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2019 Abstraction in the avant-garde. Kuryokhin art center, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018 Post post text. Ground Peschanaya, Moscow, Russia
2017 Constructions and Varieties, 10th Cyberfest. Ground Hodinka gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 Rhythm. Motion. Dynamics. Solyanka VPA, Moscow, Russia
2017 So close. So far. Consulate General of Finland, Taiga, St. Petersburg, Russia
2016 Russian Contemporary | Drawings. No Limits. Pushkin House, London, UK
2016 Russian Contemporary | Drawings. No Limits. Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin Germany. Sparta Art Agency & Savina Gallery
2015 Lights and Sounds of the city, The Museum of Urban Sculpture, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 Inconclusive analysis, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. Moscow, Russia